2022 Hong Kong International Beauty Contest

The event come to an end

Hong Kong’s beauty industry has experienced two years of ups and downs, and finally ushered in a grand return of glory.
The competition was co-organized by Korea and Hong Kong IBDR Associations. It has been well-received in the past and has successfully attracted beauty professionals from many regions to participate in the event, including Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, the United States and Canada. And other beauty elites in many regions. This year, the epidemic has slowed down, countries have cleared customs one after another, and the participants are more enthusiastic than ever. It is definitely an international event not to be missed.

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IBDR is Korea’s top and internationally recognized authoritative certification body in the beauty industry:
The association is committed to promoting Korean beauty, expanding industry direction and professional technology, establishing an international exchange platform, and leading Korean beauty.

At the same time, the association has held several large-scale international beauty skills competitions in Hong Kong since 2018. It is co-sponsored by South Korea and Hong Kong IBDR, together with HKKCG. The competition occupies an important position in the international beauty industry and has been enthusiastically received by many regions. Participation, it is definitely an honor to be able to attend this grand event. In the future, the IBDR Association will continue to create more glorious history for the beauty industry. We look forward to witnessing it together

Thank you for supporting and sponsoring organizations

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