About the Association​

IBDR International Beauty Ability Development Research Association is committed to promoting Korean beauty, displaying Korean beauty expertise around the world, sharing seminars and technical exchange meetings, and providing an international cooperation platform, professional courses, instructor training, authorized international certificates and joining certification centers, etc., while holding open international beauty competitions , leading the new direction of the industry.

Welcome to our association! We are a group of industry elites with exceptional professional backgrounds, united to create a unique and innovative program. Our association members come from a variety of leadership fields, including medicine, academia, professional conferences, and more. We are committed to becoming a leader in the industry and providing you with high-quality products and services. Our brand stands for professionalism, trust and excellence. We have rich experience and look forward to working with you hand in hand. Let’s embark on an exciting journey to discover the spirit and values of the association.

International Beauty Contest

IBDR International Cosmetology Ability Development Research Association holds the “International Beauty Skills Competition” in Hong Kong and South Korea every year. The previous sessions have been well-known and internationally renowned. More than ten beauty professionals from different regions have successfully participated in the event. The contestants have come from More than 2,000 people from Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, the United States, Canada, Indonesia and other regions have participated and attracted much attention. Raise the level of technology to go global.

Professional Tutor Certification​

For many years, IBDR has insisted on cultivating the vision of the beauty industry, and is even more diligent about tutors with excellent skills and knowledge, because as a professional tutor, it is necessary to accurately pass on professional skills and culture to everyone. As a student, in addition to being a responsibility, it is also a sense of mission to the beauty industry.

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